Rooms for rent

sobe2This  little  family  motel  is  located  on  the  edge  of the  National  park  Plitvice Lakes and  at the entrance  to  the  municipal  center  Korenica. From a relaxing and functional interior of the motel, surrounded  by  high hills  of  Kapela  and  Mrsinj  on one  side  and  mountain  Plješivica  on  the  other, you  can  enjoy  a  beautiful  mountainous  scenery and healthy fresh mountain air.


     A  tour  of  the  National  park  Plitvice  Lakes  with its   sixteen   lakes   and   endless   forests,   rich   in endemic  and  protected  species  of flora and fauna, is  just  one  of  many  activities  that  this rich natural heritage   has   to   offer.   The   tourist   offer   of   the municipality  Plitvice  Lakes   and its center  Korenica extends   throughout  the   whole  year:  from  hunting and  fishing,  horseback  riding,  rafting,  canoeing  or caving   (Barac   caves   in   Rakovica)   during  summer   and  hiking,  walking,  cycling  or exploring  of  the  old  picturesque  villages in autumn or spring to skiing or tasting the local gastronomic  specialties  during  the  winter  months.


      Two,  three  and  four  bed  rooms  are  equipped with functional furniture made  of  solid  natural  wood which   leaves  a  warm  impression  and  conveys  a piece  of  the  surrounding  nature in every room. We guarantee a complete rest in a  relaxing environment. Come   and   let   us   show   you   the   Lika    region  in  all its glory!

In   addition   to   the   daily   offer   of  homemade  meals  restaurant «Babić» offers a wide selection of à la carte and grilled dishes, traditional dishes baked under the bell, as well as the renown Gacka trout.

After  the  first  visit  to  our  restaurant every subsequent  journey  through  Korenica  or  a visit to the National Park Plitvice Lakes will also mean another visit or a new vacation in our little motel.